Who are your hosts?

Two women surrounded by daffodils. The women hold a WAC podcast tote bag. The women on the left is blonde and wears a yellow shirt and the women on the right is brunnette and wears a green shirt


Lexi is a Volunteer & Training Coordinator, who is passionate about conservation,  science,  public engagement, and mental health.

She has a focus to continuously build on her knowledge and experience through education & volunteer opportunities. Lexi has participated in projects involving bats, wolves, bears, turtles, coral reefs & clownfish - so there is no favouritism between marine or terrestrial. Through her work she believes the best way to engage people is to encourage those in the know to share their passion.


A fourth-year marine ecology PhD student, ocean advocate & oyster lover.

Hannah’s research focuses on the European flat oyster & how carbon can be transported from seawater to seabed with the help of these animals.

Essentially, she spends an awful lot of time looking at shells & mud! As a commercial scuba diver, Hannah is also helping to restore the native oyster in northern Scotland. She has participated in research projects on other shellfish, turtles & bats to name a few & loves a cold Scottish sea swim!