Wild About British Divers Marine Life Rescue with Dan Jarvis - S2 E0

Hello and welcome back to the Wild About conservation Podcast. In this episode Lexi and Hannah talk to Dan Jarvis about BDMLR. We chat about his experience with BDMLR, Orca, and other charities, going through his volunteer and career journey so far. Dan talks to us about some of his more memorable wildlife encounters, and lets us know how to get involved with BDMLR as a volunteer.  


Dan Jarvis 

Dan is the Welfare Development and Field Support Officer at British Divers Marine Life Rescue, he extensively redeveloped the training and learning resources, and built a mobile temporary seal holding unit, the first of its kind for the UK.  He has  attended over 3000 callouts to marine mammals around the UK, been involved with the rehabilitation of several hundred seals and has travelled to places as far away as Gibraltar and Kazakhstan to train new rescue teams in those countries.


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Cornwall Seal Research Trust

Scottish Entanglement Alliance

Sea Watch Foundation

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