Wild About Environmental Emergencies with Mathew Andersen - S2 E1 

Hello and welcome back to the Wild About conservation Podcast. In this episode we chat with Matthew Andersen who is a Senior Scientist for Biology in the office of International Programmes in the United States Geological Survey.

We learnt a lot chatting to Matthew today, particularly the importance of taking into account both the human and the wildlife side when it comes to responding to an ever-changing world. We spoke about some important ideas, from traditional ecological knowledge, to the importance of the global one health approach. 

Content Warning: we do discuss the impact of natural disasters in this episode, particularly hurricane Sandy and the impact on communities affected.

Matthew Andersen

Matthew has 25 years of experience as an administrator and project manager for natural resource programs. He is accomplished at developing and leading diverse teams who build and deliver practical scientific information that leaders, managers, and communities need. His early experiences were working in academia and private consulting, but in 1999 he found his niche in government. He enjoys being able to focus work on developing the conservation projects that are needed to address pressing natural and social problems, typically with broad consortia of government, academic, and NGO partners, all motivated by the needs of the people that depend on functioning ecosystems. Since 2015 he has worked almost exclusively on international projects, especially in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Matthew releasing finish releasing native fish into a restored pond on a US Air Force base near Las Vegas, Nevada ~1995


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