Wild About Intertidal Ecology with Hannah Grist - S2 E3

Hello and welcome back to the Wild About conservation Podcast. Join us this episode as we explore the world of rocky shore ecology, defining what the intertidal zone is, the challenges and the drama for species living in the intertidal and also how you, our listeners, can get out on the rocky shore and explore.  



Hannah Grist 

Hannah is  a Lecturer in Socio-Environmental Systems, primarily teaching on the MSc in Environmental Protection and Management at SRUC/University of Edinburgh.


Her research and teaching interests are in how people create, learn and use scientific knowledge, and the relationships between humans and the environment. She specialises in citizen science, science communication, community engagement and policy exchange. She is also the Director of a consultancy called Mercurious, offering advice and training in communication and engagement.


Previously, she has led communications for an Arctic climate science Horizon 2020 project called Blue-Action, and coordinated the Capturing our Coast marine citizen science project across Scotland. She has also worked as a teaching fellow in science communication at the University of Edinburgh, and as as part of the creative team at Edinburgh Science, designing science communication events all over the world.



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Other info mentioned in the show:

Save the rhino

A video that explains Ocean Acidification

Seek app from iNaturalist

Natural England (previously English Nature)

Edinburgh Science Festival


Capturing Our Coast

Big Seaweed Search

Coastal Communities Network

Community-led Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Handbook

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