Season 2 overview

Cherry blossom branches with pink blossoms against the background of blue sky

Season 2 continues our marine journey to the coasts. So join us as we explore a realm that is full of awe and wonder. We talk to our guests who are experienced and knowledgeable about even more parts of the underwater world.


Listen this season to hear about the wonders of our world, from oysters as blue carbon storage, to mangroves, and what happens when we have to deal with disasters. We cover a lot, but there is so much yet to be discovered about our coasts - so maybe you can contribute too.


If you feel inspired, or would like to be involved, please get in touch via our email or our twitter. Otherwise, pop your headphones in and just enjoy the chance to learn and explore with us.  ​


Want to know more about things we mentioned in our episodes? Check out our show notes below!